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NBA 2K16 News: reorganize the divisions

From top to bottom, NBA 2K16 MT Coins makes a complete improvements over its previous NBA 2K series, again proving the NBA 2K series’ dedication to constant evolution. It begins with the game’s controls: 2K16 introduces brand-new passing controls, giving unprecedented precision on ball movement with dedicated buttons for bounce passes, lob passes and hand-offs, which makes throwing alley-oops or entry passes into the post much more exact and reliable than before.

When it comes to the visuals of NBA 2K16, it has nearly the same compared to its predecessor, but remains on par with the latest and most graphically stunning games, regardless of genre, and therefore it has nothing to be ashamed of. The NBA players and the coaches look confusingly similar to their real life models. But it's not just down to reproducing the look of the players that makes NBA 2K16 an experience that could be mistaken for watching a game on TV. Peculiarities of individual players - things like Stephen Curry chewing on his mouth guard on the free-throw line, the photo bombing of Nick Young, or Chris Bosh and the "High Five" thief Kobe Bryant - takes the game to a whole new level of authenticity.

Now for those who love the league option, NBA 2K16’s league modes are just like a dream. You and your friends can control a team from all aspects. Hire the coaches. Draft the players. Play NBA 2K16. There’s even options to move your team to a new city along with generating new logos and branding. NBA 2K16’s even smart enough to reorganize the divisions based on where you relocate the team. If you want to play with the current NBA roster make up on the day of the game, NBA 2K16 will do automatic updates to make sure you have the latest starting lineup and any trades made throughout the season. It’s a NBA stat and league nut’s dream and one that will offer a ton of replay value to the game.

First off, let me say that when 2K claimed this year was about my ability to “Be the Story” they were exaggerating a bit. Nothing that I did while I controlled makes any difference at all to the story being told here. From character creation to my play on the court, nothing had any effect on how things play out. There are no decisions, a fact pointed out very clearly when my family broke into a huge argument about my decision to either stay in college or go pro after one year. The point is hammered home multiple times that “It’s your choice Freq” and yet when the cut scene ends, I just began my first pro season. I understand the purpose of the scene was to show the competing pressures and demands that a highly touted player faces coming out of college, but the lack of player agency seems a strange choice given the context.

Even though you can scan your face and fix it to the in-game avatar, you’ll still be treated to the same family regardless. You’re moving through the story as Spike Lee imagined. Sure, you get to choose from a list of colleges when the time comes, but you don’t get much in the way of options when it comes to leaving school after your first year. Ultimately, whether you play well or not, the story will pretty much follow the same path. Of course, whether it’s more tragic when a great player suffers a set-back rather than an average one is entirely up to you.

It makes it feel like you’re actually sat down watching a live NBA game on TV. Anyway, if these minor advertisements help NBA 2K16 MT to make such brilliant games then who really cares? In no way does it inconvenience you and I believe some will agree that it enhances the experience.

By: MarryLile On Tuesday, 29 December 2015 Comment Comments( 1 ) Hits Views(6884)
Comments clibin009

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By: clibin009 , On Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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